Cosmetic Makeovers in Scottsdale, AZ

Transform your smile and enhance your confidence with Cosmetic Makeovers at Alpers Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Kris Alpers and our skilled team are dedicated to creating customized solutions that will help you achieve the stunning smile you've always desired.

Patient smile after cosmetic makeover in Scottsdale

Why should I get cosmetic makeovers?

Cosmetic Makeovers offer a comprehensive approach to achieving your dream smile. Whether you're looking to address specific imperfections or completely transform your appearance, Dr. Kris Alpers and our team believe that a Cosmetic Makeover can enhance your self-esteem and leave you feeling proud of your smile.

The Benefits



A Cosmetic Makeover can boost your self-confidence, empowering you to confidently express yourself and make a positive impression.



Our team creates tailored treatment plans using advanced technology, ensuring that your Cosmetic Makeover addresses your unique goals and needs.


Improved Oral

Many cosmetic treatments also contribute to improved oral health, making it easier to maintain proper hygiene and prevent future dental issues.

Patient in Scottsdale AZ being welcomed by cosmetic dental office staff

Here’s How It Works


Professional Consultation

You’ll begin your journey with a professional consultation. Dr. Kris Alpers will understand your smile goals and evaluate your dental health.


Customized Treatment Plan

With the insights from advanced 3D-CBCT imaging and Smile Simulations, we visualize the transformative potential of your smile. This allows us to draft a cosmetic treatment plan tailored just for you.


Precise Procedure Implementation

With the help of Intraoral Cameras and the iTero Scanner, we'll obtain detailed digital impressions of your current smile. We’ll also leverage cutting-edge technology like 3D-Printing to craft custom restorations that enhance your oral health and smile aesthetics.


Final Touches and Photography

We'll ensure that your new smile looks and feels natural, and we'll capture stunning photographs to showcase your before-and-after transformation.

Real Patients, Real Results

Scottsdale patient Before and After with veneers, implant and gum correction


Scottsdale patient Before and After with veneers, implant and gum correction


4 veneers, 1 implant on a back tooth, gum tissue correction on 2 teeth

Dental patient before and after of crowns and veneers


Dental patient before and after of crowns and veneers


6 crowns/veneers


Get Your Questions Answered

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic makeovers?

Cosmetic Makeovers can address a range of concerns. A consultation with Dr. Kris Alpers will determine if this transformative option is suitable for you.

How long does the cosmetic makeover process take?

The duration of the process varies depending on the treatments involved. Dr. Kris Alpers will provide you with a personalized timeline during your consultation.

Ready to schedule an appointment?

We look forward to meeting you!

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