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At Alpers Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe every smile tells a unique story. Caring for your smile is more than just a job to us—it's our passion. Dr. Kris Alpers and our warm, dedicated team offer cutting-edge dental crown services. Our goal is to ensure that each time you leave our office, you do so with a smile that's not only beautiful and strong but also brimming with newfound confidence. We're here for every chapter of your smile's journey.

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Why should I get a dental crown?

Dental crowns are a versatile solution that strengthens, protects, and improves the appearance of compromised teeth. Whether due to decay, damage, or cosmetic concerns, dental crowns offer comprehensive restoration for your dental health. Dr. Kris Alpers champions cutting-edge technology, like intraoral cameras, 3D-CBCT, and 3D-Printing, to guarantee both enduring and aesthetically pleasing results. Our Smile Simulations, paired with before-and-after photos, give you a clear preview of your transformation even before treatment begins.

The Benefits



Dental crowns provide a protective shield for weakened or damaged teeth, preventing further deterioration and restoring functionality.



Crowns can transform the appearance of misshapen, discolored, or uneven teeth, giving you a smile you'll be proud to show off.



Crafted from durable materials, dental crowns are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, providing a long-lasting solution for your dental needs.

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Here’s How It Works


Comprehensive Examination

Dr. Kris Alpers will assess your dental health, discussing your concerns and goals to determine if dental crowns are the right solution for you.


Tooth Preparation

To ensure a perfect fit, a small portion of your tooth's outer structure is gently removed. This step allows the crown to fit seamlessly over your tooth.


Impression and Customization

Dr. Kris Alpers will take precise impressions of your prepared tooth to create a custom crown that matches your natural teeth in both appearance and function.


Crown Placement

Once your custom crown is ready, Dr. Kris Alpers will securely place it over your tooth, restoring its strength, functionality, and aesthetics.

Real Patients, Real Results

Dental patient before and after of crowns and veneers


Dental patient before and after of crowns and veneers


6 crowns/veneers

Dental patient before and after of porcelain crowns


Dental patient before and after of porcelain crowns


8 porcelain crowns


Get Your Questions Answered

What issues can a dental crown treat?

Dental crowns can effectively treat a variety of issues, including cracked teeth, severe decay, misshapen teeth, and teeth that have undergone root canal therapy.

How do I know if I need a dental crown?

If you have a damaged or compromised tooth due to decay, trauma, or cosmetic concerns, a dental crown may be recommended to restore its health, function, and appearance.

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