We are proud to say that we use digital X-rays in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Dr. Kristopher Alpers uses them for not only your benefit but for ours as well.

Digital X-rays are X-ray machines that take images of your bone without using a large amount of radiation. They also allow us to see the images immediately without unnecessary wait time. This is because the images do not need to be developed in a dark room like traditional film X-rays do. Our team at Alpers Family and Cosmetic Dentistry loves that the images are ready to view immediately. It allows us to pull them up on the nearby computer and examine the results. It also gives us the opportunity to zoom in on the picture and seeing smaller areas that might be harder to see with the naked eye, including fractures and small deformities. This also gives us the chance of easily sending the images to other dentists or doctors that might need them.

Another beneficial characteristic that digital X-rays have is called subtraction radiography. This technology takes two X-rays and compares them. It then clears any part of the two X-rays that are the same, therefore leaving anything that has changed throughout time. This allows our dentist to examine any changes in your oral health.

To learn more about our digital X-rays, call us today at 480-998-3355! We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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