Our dentist and team love using intraoral cameras here at Alpers Family and Cosmetic Dentistry!

Dr. Kristopher Alpers uses an intraoral camera in Scottsdale, Arizona, to allow our patients to see what they see. This is a painless process that involves our dentist slowly moving the camera around in your mouth. The tool looks like a small wand that has a tiny camera at the very tip. While Dr. Alpers moves the camera around, you will be able to see what he sees on a bigger screen right beside your chair. This will help you learn more about dental care and also allow you to see what the dentist is talking about. Using the intraoral camera can help you better understand your current oral health and the treatments we recommend to improve your smile.

We are happy to use intraoral cameras to educate our patients and help them understand how their oral cavity operates. We notice that our patients often leave our office with the realization of what we do and how to raise their oral health to a higher level. This can also be a form of motivation for our patients who do not care enough to take care of their teeth. When they see the decay and cavities in their mouth, they realize how important it is to perform regular dental hygiene routines.

For more information on intraoral cameras, give us a call today at 480-998-3355!

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