Dentures are wonderful solutions that replace your missing teeth and are also removable. We are proud to offer complete dentures in Scottsdale, Arizona, to give our patients the option of replacing their teeth with a durable, removable oral appliance.

These complete dentures are meant to replace all of your missing teeth to give you a full smile whenever you want. You can put the dentures in while you are eating, and you can take them out before bed and for cleaning. This type of oral appliance is especially convenient for those who wish to have a full smile that looks natural as it restores the function of their smile.

The process of getting new dentures might take a few weeks and multiple visits to Alpers Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. It involves our dentist, Dr. Kristopher Alpers, making a series of impressions of your jaws to create models, wax forms, or plastic patterns that are the exact shape of the denture that is being made. Our dentist will later cast a final denture and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it is the perfect fit for you.

Are you ready to replace your missing teeth with custom-made dentures? If so, we are excited to work with you! Just give us a call at 480-998-3355 and set up an appointment with our dentist.

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